“Lie To Me”


Dec 13, 2022 by Laurie Gallardo

There are “the before-times,” and…everything occurring after the pandemic started, often denoting significant change. So in this case, it’s shifting gears in songwriting. As mentioned earlier this month on KUTX’s Song of the Day, Nick Adamo had been poised to run with some major surf-rock vibes before everything abruptly shut down” … read more




Musician Spotlight: Nick Adamo

Dec 12, 2022 by Musician Treatment Foundation 

How did you get your (musical) start? What inspired you to start playing music in the first place?

I’m an only child raised by a single mother with a beautiful singing voice. I would quietly imitate her vocal melodies humming to myself as a child. It wasn’t until college that I was motivated to try singing out loud and taught myself to play guitar & sing at the same time.”read more




Nick Adamo: “Lie to Me”

Dec 1, 2022 by Jack Anderson
“…here in Austin, singer-guitarist Nick Adamo made a double debut in 2019 with a twin-pack of surf-rock singles. But just as we thought Austin surf legends 3 Balls of Fire were about to have stiff competition from this young buck, COVID brought the world to a halt, and Nick Adamo retreated away from those good vibrations. We haven’t really heard from Nick Adamo since…until now.”

…read more



Rising Stars: Meet Nick Adamo

September 20, 2022 by Voyage Austin

Hi Nick, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.

I’m a singer/songwriter that took a round about route to a career in music.

I got my first electric guitar at age 10 after attending a Green Day/Blink 182 concert but didn’t prioritize guitar playing again until my freshman year of college when my mother gifted me my first acoustic guitar that Christmas” …read more




The Standout Artist Podcast : Nick Adamo 

Aug 8, 2022 by Andy Jeffs - Ep.7 - Moving through the many transitions of a creative with @Nickadamo